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Montessori at CH

The Children's House of Columbia is an early learning center offering a Montessori program in which each child, respected as an individual, is encouraged to develop his/her total personality at an individualized pace and within an individual growth style. Children's House is committed to principles of respect for each child, concern for the worth of the individual and the ideal of human brotherhood. Children's House provides a program relevant to the needs of children in a rapidly changing world. The curriculum is experimental and open ended, the atmosphere is one of personal support and caring, stressing the development of skills, concepts and values through the child's own experiences.

In the "prepared environment" of Children's House, the child may chose activities in the areas of daily living, sensorial education, language arts, music, foreign language, science, small and gross motor play, fantasy play, etc. The child's independent effort is fostered and individuality is honored. The out‑of‑doors classroom is available to the child as an extension of the indoor environment

The Montessori classes include a toddler class for children age 2 to 3.5 years and preschool classes with mixed age groupings. There is an extended day class for older children to the age of 6. The ungraded aspect of the classes encourages social interaction between children and adults in a familial way which nurtures respect for and appreciation of others. Each class is staffed by a certified Montessori teacher and one or more assistant teachers.

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